Richmond Marine and Offshore Logistics Limited

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About us

RICHMOND MARINE & LOGISTICS LIMITED is registered under the company's act of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We are an oil services company with a wealth of experience in Marine/Petroleum Products Marketing.
The company boasts 100% of Nigerian ownership. We have been actively involved locally and internationally in the oilfield services sector since 2008. With a staff strength of 65, we have competent professionals with broad experience in Marine Logistics and Petroleum Product Marketing.
Our topmost business objective is to maintain honesty, integrity and respect for those we do business with. We also firmly uphold the fundamental importance of the promotion of trust, teamwork, transparency and openness of mind in getting the best success in all our transactions both large and small with our clients. With these principles in mind, it is important that our approach to execution of assigned work matches our intentions. We, therefore, recognise and uphold the trust and confidence on us by our shareholders, clients, partners, employees and others with whom we do business with for continuity and growth.
The company's objective is to give value for money for all shareholders in the process of thee business.
Relation to this principle is given in the following:


RICHMOND MARINE & LOGISTICS LIMITED recognised five (5) areas of responsibilities:

  • To Shareholders: To protect the investment of our shareholders and provide acceptable returns that meet pr exceed their expectations.
  • To Partners: To further the common interest in line with agreements made with our partners.
  • To Customers: To win and maintain our customers by developing and providing products and services which offer commercial and technical value in addition to quality, safety, and environmental impacts. These must be supported by technical and commercial expertises.
  • To Employees: To respect human rights of our employees by providing safe conditions of work and services. Our greatest asset as a growing company is our employees, hence our overall successes depends on the development and training of staff to enhance performance and quality services.
  • To Society: TO our communities within which we work, we strive to continually conduct our business as responsible corporate members of the society.

  • We are totally committed to the development of a system that leads to continuous improvement in communications.


    A very strong safety culture exists within RICHMOND MARINE & OFFSHORE LOGISTICS LIMITED. This is perpetuated and encouraged by initiatives led from the very top of the organization. Management and staff are fully committed to the aim of zero accidents.


    We have an excellent relationship with host communities where we do business. We have built warm friendships and even gainfully engaged some of the people in our host communities at the free zone. The host communities we have working understanding with are: Ikpokiri, Onne and Eleme. These abound at the core of our activities, especially, as our major clients stock points lie within these communities. We are thus bound to establish great working understanding and this has endeared us to smoother logistic operations when necessary.


    We have a solid capital base, and impressive facility opportunities from our bankers. We can raise project execution funds at short notice as may be required by our clients.

    We are in partnership and joint venture agreements with various technical support companies for easy and professional handling of contracts of any capacity and magnitude.



    The oil industry lays a lot of emphasis on the quality of manpower coming from service providers. These are judged on two pivots - educational background and experience. RICHMOND MARINE AND OFFSHORE LOGISTICS LIMITED has managed to build a management team of professionals with strong track records and industry experience. This is an uncommon practice in an industry that is regarded by most local players as a purely marketing and supply business.

    This inherent technical expertise has given us a major source of competitive advantage, which has been recognized by the major international players. The management's understanding of both the technical and marketing as well as the supply angles of the business has implied that the company can offer a more qualitative service to the industry as it offers an understand of customers' technical requirements as well as cos concern on different project types.

    This has come as a result of experience gained by the management team in their time as engineers and project managers in the industry. RUCHMOND MARINE AND OFFSHORE LOGISTICS LIMITED this has this as her major strength in Nigeria, going by the fact that only the multi-national companies such as M-I, Baroid and Baker Hughes provide and display similar and existing manpower. The other players are offering marketing skills with shortfall in technical expertise required in the provision of petroleum-related products.


    At RICHMOND MARINE & OFFSHORE LOGISTICS LIMITED, lots of importance is attached to the Nigerian policy. Our aim is to use the special skills of our foreign partners to mobilise local endowments, generate employment and income, also develop long-term technological and managerial capabilities for our people and host communities.

    We usually work our periodic training programmes with our foreign partners to ensure that our people progressively acquire the requisite skills and competencies for our operations.

    Consequently, young graduate engineers are given the best training to excel in assigned duties, thereby providing local content in project execution.